It's been a long time.

September 30, 2014


Well, hello. I've missed you.

I've thought about blogging nearly every day since my last post, but it felt somehow disingenuous to write about anything other than the one thing that's been exclusively on my mind for the past two months. So instead of halfheartedly sharing about things I haven't been interested in, I made the decision to wait until I could divulge the news before posting anything at all. And as someone who doesn't enjoy keeping secrets (my own secrets, not yours), this has been a special kind of torture for me.

The astute among you will note my current work-in-progress from the photos above, and may have already figured it out. Let me begin by saying this is the first project I've had on my knitting needles in months, and I'm so glad to be making something, anything, no matter how simple. More than that, I'm glad I now seem to have the energy to do something other than dive straight from my commute home into bed to sleep for 10-11 hours straight before dragging myself out of bed for work at the last possible moment the next morning to repeat the whole process over again.

I'm not sick. I don't have mono. There's nothing wrong with my thyroid. I'm just finally outside the first trimester of pregnancy, and when they told me that I'd be exhausted and nauseous, and that my sense of smell would be 10x more acute, they weren't kidding.

So there you have it. We're pregnant with our first, and among a multitude of other emotions including fear and nervousness, we're incredibly excited. And now that I've finally spilled the beans with you, maybe I can actually start posting again on a regular basis.