Unfinished Business

May 14, 2014

Whenever I walk past that thing I was knitting last winter, or that pile of stuff in my office, I avert my eyes. I just keep on walking. I can't let myself think about it, or listen to it's pathetic "Finish me! Finish me!" cries, or I'll freeze from my sheer inability to accomplish anything. It's a melodramatic scene between neglectful crafter and work-in-progress. A sad, sad affair.

Thing is, unfinished projects make me c r a z y. Really. So I'm airing my dirty laundry to the world, and showing you my list of things that need finishing ASAP. What can I say? I need the accountability:

This sweater:
Lace Striped Sweater
I finished knitting this back in 2012 (I think?), and I like it, but the color is wrong for me, so I bought some dye last winter to see if I could rekindle the fire between us. Now I just need to actually dye and re-block it.

These socks:
This project is actually the least severe of my offenses. Socks are something I plan to have on the needles at all times, and to carry with me for dull moments in the waiting room, or at the bus stop. It's just that I haven't been carrying these around lately, so I haven't been making any progress.

This cardigan:
This one hurts my soul, especially now that the weather is warming up and I won't be able to wear it much until next fall. Still, I'm so excited to finish this project. I love the pattern, the yarn, and I'm already on the second sleeve! It really just needs a few nights worth of attention to finish.

This quilt:
Untitled Untitled
Sometimes, when tackling a project for the first time, I get hung up on the unknown, and that's what happened with this quilt. I'm ready for the next step... the batting, the backing, and the edging. I just need to do some research to figure out how.

This soon-to-be bookshelf:
I don't think I've mentioned this project here yet, but Matt and I went and bought some wooden crates to make a bookshelf in the office last month, and it's almost ready. I've stained the wood, and added a single coat of polyurethane, but it could do with another coat. If I can get my act together, this bookshelf could go up sometime next weekend.

And finally: My giant pile of to-be-mended clothing. (not pictured)


  1. Love seeing all of your projects! I think the sweater is beautiful. What color are you going to dye it?

    I hope you do finish your cardigan, you'll love it next fall and I still think that tweed yarn is to die for!

    I hear you on feeling guilty about unfinished things...I don't even want to think about the muslin for that dress I started or the quilt that has been waiting for three years for me to finish it (actually I've been meaning to take it apart again but I haven't even done that!).
    Socks don't count though - I have too many unfinished socks in my pile, it would be exhausting to feel guilty about all of them too :D

  2. you're not alone….I'm sad my unfinished projects out number yours…I stopped looking years ago..

  3. a different question - what exactly do you feed your chickens?…mine are eating lay crumble but they look skinny to me..lying everyday but feel lightweight and not big heavy girls...

  4. Our chicken eat Layena Crumbles. How old are your ladies? Ours didn't start looking nice and plump until they were around 10 months old.

  5. The dye I purchased was a dark blue/gray color I think (it's been awhile).

    I really, really want to finish that cardigan! Yours turned out so beautiful - how often do you wear it?

  6. Dark blue / gray sounds good, it will definitely make the sweater look
    completely different! I wore my cardigan quite a lot when it was still
    cold enough! I'm always amazed how warm a 100% wool cardigan is :)