March Favorites + Egg Count

April 1, 2014

Daffodils and HyacinthDaffodils and Hyacinth

I enjoy writing these Monthly Favorites posts. They give me a moment to reflect on the end of a chapter, and to prepare for a new beginning when I might otherwise barely notice the transition from one month to the next.

This month has been busy and full of creativity, but unlike last month, I think I'm finally getting the hang of this new routine of mine. Enough that I'm feeling more confident in my ability to keep up with this space, my own personal journal and writing efforts, AND work projects at the same time. My life is brimming with various writing endeavors, and that's just fine with me.

Favorite March Links


March Egg Count
Starbuck: 23
Seven of Nine: 20
Amelia Pond: 21
Milly: 25

Total: 89 Eggs!


  1. That's a lot of eggs! Well done chickies!
    Lindsay; what kind of chicken is the one closest to the bottom? This is a hen .. yes? I believe I have one of these chickens (bought from a straight run farm - so breeds are all sort of mixed) but it looks just like yours (only smaller - 8 weeks old) I am worried that I have all these roosters (straight run = who knows!) One is crowing already! But this one, we call her Chippy because she looked like a chipmunk as a baby, I am worried is also a rooster because of the neat markings in her feathers. Thanks!

  2. Hey Ella, I think you're referring to the black one yeah? She's an Australorp. When she was young, she had white downy feathers mixed in with the black, but she's turned all black with shiny iridescent feathers as she's aged.

    I'll cross my fingers for you that your Chippy is a girl!

  3. We do have a black hen too - definitely a girl! I am talking about the "Easter egger" - the chickie on the bottom of the photo.(brown spotty, lots of different colours) I am hoping Chippy is a girl too! She would lay such pretty eggs too!

  4. Impressive! And I love your photos. You are quite talented with the camera.

  5. Your spring decorations are so beautiful! I admit we never have flowers in the apartment, because the cats would just eat them all.
    What do you do with all those eggs?! Do you manage to eat them all or are you giving some away?

    1. My little girl kitty is obsessed with houseplants and flowers, but she'll leave them alone if I have wheatgrass for her. I wonder if that would work for you?

      We definitely give some away, but we also make a lot of frittatas and egg-centric dishes, so it's surprisingly easy to go through them ourselves. :)

  6. We tried having wheatgrass for them, but apparently that is so yummy that they can't keep away from it and will just eat it all in one go and then throw it all up again ;)
    They're just crazy for eating, my two. They nibble on my ferns as well but I take care to only have those that are not poisonous. Thankfully they leave the succulents and aloe alone, so I have lots of those around :)