Weekend Snapshots

February 24, 2014


 View of PDX from W+K
Delicious pizza with gluten-free crust from Mi Famiglia.
Sleepy Wren
Little flower bouquets.

This weekend was full of good friends, good food, and some surprisingly decent weather. Up until it snowed two weeks ago, I was still in winter mode, enjoying all of the coziness and stillness that comes with the cold. I wasn't even looking forward to planting my garden, or picking fresh flowers. All of this has changed abruptly.

Now I'm longing for sunshine and fresh air. I want to get my hands dirty and plot out this year's garden (because last year's system definitely won't work now that we have our chickens), and I'm buying flowers from the store to make little bouquets throughout the house. I'm definitely ready for a change.

Anybody else feeling spring fever?


  1. Yes! And it just snowed here. big wet piles that are good for almost nothing except making my hair wild. I am so ready for nettle season and planting kale and parsley!!!

  2. Oh yes! garden plotting is happening, and tulips were bought with the groceries last week :)


  3. Yes I do! Today's gloomy weather has made me "pretend Spring" inside the house. I am itching for planting. Oh, that reminds me, I need to get some seeds! Love the photos!

  4. Love the bouquet! Oh yes, spring fever has totally taken hold. I've ordered my seeds and I'm itching to start planting and growing. It's so warm over here that I hope to start this next weekend. Looking forward to hearing more about your plans!

  5. @Milla: Ha! This "wild hair" you speak of... I totally understand.

    @Sera: I've been drooling over the tulip offerings at my local grocery store. They've always been one of my most favorite flowers.

    @Lola Nova: Eep! I need to get some seeds, too. Thanks for the reminder.

    @Katrina: I can't wait to try the seeds you sent me! They're just itching to sprout, I can tell. :)

  6. We had a spring tease this past weekend---all the way up to 50F. It's back to being cold and it's forecasted to stay that way for a while.

    But I've been starting some seeds indoors and planning and daydreaming about all I'm going to do outside when the earth thaws. :)

  7. @lieslmade: We've been getting little teases of 50 degree weather here, too, but then it gets cold again for another stretch. We're just on the verge!