Weekend Snapshots

January 20, 2014


This weekend was surprisingly fun. Not only was it sunny outside, but on Saturday we had friends over for dinner, after which we all hunkered down in the living room with blankets and hard cider to watch half of Homeland season 3. I haven't done a TV marathon with friends in a long, long time. Too long. It very much reminded me of my early 20's when I'd get together with the same two friends once or twice per week to watch Sex and the City and other fun shows marathon-style. I don't usually think fondly upon my early 20's, but I do miss that portion of it. Too bad we didn't have Netflix streaming back then. (Or maybe it's best we didn't.)


I can't remember if this happened on Friday or Saturday, but I managed to catch miss Olive in her nest, and because it's out in the open, I was able to watch her lay her egg. It was a neat thing to witness, and something I don't get to see very often because most of our other birds lay in the enclosed nest boxes in the hen house. Olive has given us five eggs as of now, and they seem more and more speckled and beautiful each time she lays.

Finally, Sunday came around, and I had a hankering for traditional Sunday breakfast, so I did a little searching and found a recipe for banana pancakes that were out of this world. I'll be sharing that with you a little later this week - mark my words. And as if that weren't enough, we decided to treat ourselves to sushi (from Fuji's) for dinner, which we haven't done in months, and it was divine.

How was your weekend?


  1. I must say, I have never actually seen one of my chickens lay an egg...they seem to do it magically out of sight.

    I had the granddaughters over Saturday afternoon which is always a treat and Sunday was church and a bit of relaxing.

    Looking forward to the pancake recipe. xo

  2. Fun! We enjoyed the sunshine too. It felt so energizing! Janis (my awesome new house plant) basks in it's glory from the window :)

  3. the eggs are beautiful....
    sounds like a great weekend you enjoyed - mine busy and enjoyable too...

    love your photos!

  4. I love how your chickens like to fly up on your shoulders :) The speckled egg is beautiful!
    TV marathons...I should really do that again! Though I go to bed so early I would probably fall asleep halfway through.
    That sushi looks so good.

  5. Ha! This just reminded me of Wine Wednesdays - when I was at uni, we'd all gather in one flat on Wednesday, watch Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives, drink wine and eat pizza and pasta. Such good times!

    Your weekend looks lovely! Matt has an excellent beard!

    1. I'll tell him you said so! I think this is his best beard to date.