January Favorites + Final Egg Count

January 31, 2014


First, I just want to say thank you to all of you for your support on my last post. I wasn't initially sure if I should share the emotional impact Olive's death has had over us, but after giving it some thought, I realized it might be useful to write about it for folks who are thinking of raising chickens in their own backyard someday. It's a rewarding experience, but it isn't without its occasional stresses and heartbreaks. Someday in the future, when Matt and I can afford to live in a home with more land, we may consider raising chickens for both meat and eggs, but for now our daily interactions with the birds make them docile and friendly, so we treat them like pets.

Speaking of the girls, here's the final lay count for January:

Seven of Nine: 24 eggs (started 12/31)
Olive Snook: 7 eggs (started 1/13)
Starbuck: 4 eggs (started 1/21)
Amelia Pond: 4 eggs (started 1/26)

Total: 40 eggs. Not bad!

And here's my list of favorite links for the month:
Have a good weekend, everyone! See you next month.


  1. I am so glad that you wanted to share the loss of Miss Olive with us. Sometimes it just helps to let it out.

    Thank you for putting together the lists of links...I so enjoy browsing through them and find many useful information.

    Wishing you and Matt a very nice weekend. xo

    1. @Sherri: Thanks Sherri, I'm glad you enjoy the lists. Happy weekend to you too. :)

  2. I love your egg photos, they are so beautiful.
    That article about knitting is so spot on, thanks for sharing!

    1. @Kristina Thank you! I'm glad you liked that link too. Sometimes it's hard to justify spending so much time making something you can buy at the store for ten dollars, but it makes sense when you think about it from that perspective.