November Favorites

November 29, 2013


4., for geeking out on all-things wool.

5. This online color challenge.

6. Wool People 6 came out this month, and I want to knit all the patterns.

7. This article from Brain Pickings about why Grit, Not IQ, predicts success.

8. This article about caring for feeble old hens. Actually, I love the whole HenCam site.

9. For curlies: Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste. Smells amazing, works great.

See you in December!


  1. What a fun post!

    I have never heard of Thicket, it sounds like a fascinating place. That had some great suggestions for your plants and I didn't know that you don't water the house plants so much this time of year..seems mine are always looking dry.

    I had so much fun taking the color hue test and I think I got a pretty good score..'15'. My eyes started kind of playing tricks on me at the end. I've always like those kind of tests.

    Hope you had a happy thanksgiving.

    Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like we all have an arctic blast heading our way. xo

  2. Sherri - I've been following Thicket's site for awhile. They always post amazing photos and useful plant tips. I have yet to visit them in person, but it's on my to-do list. Maybe in spring?

    Also, my eyes started playing tricks on me at the end, too! I think my score was an 8.

  3. Thanks so much for the links! How is it December already? I'm going to pass the hen links on to my in-laws - they now have about 25, along with several ducks.

    1. I know! This year is just flying by. I can hardly keep up.

  4. Hi Lindsay....I picked up the keeping chickens book you recommended last night....and a book on compost
    today's lunch hour reading - hubby isn't on board with any of this and I've told him he's being a bummer for my excitement - he's going to make me an adorable gate so let's hope time spent with the chickens he'll come around..
    one chick...she's thinking she's a blue bird...flies every chance she can.

  5. Well, its nice he's willing to help you with a gate even though he's not totally on board. You never know! He may come around eventually. They are entertaining creatures. :)