Home Again

September 11, 2013


Matt and I were gone last week, helping my dad with a much needed project that took all of the seven days we were there to complete. For most of the week, the weather was nice and cooperative, but then on Thursday came the thunder, lightning, and rain, so we were forced to pack up early. While it was irritating to have to postpone our work, the storm was especially beautiful to watch, especially right off the river where they live.

Although it was hard to say goodbye to my family, we were happy to be headed home again. We missed our cats and our chickens and our garden. And as if coming home isn't nice enough on its own, it was doubly exciting this time because of the surprises that were waiting for us:


First, this delightful package in the mail from Sherri over at Little House in Paradise. Sherri has been one of my favorite blog friends for a long time now, so I was super excited to win her giveaway, complete with her handmade potholders which I love, and a few pretty knickknacks and trinkets that have settled happily into their new home here at the nest. This type of generosity is super infectious, and it makes me want to host a handmade giveaway here in the future, too. Definitely something to keep in mind. Thanks Sherri! This made my day.


The second surprise was this sunflower bloom. I actually planted several sunflower seeds this year, but only a few actually grew, lagging behind everyone else's. I wasn't sure they'd bloom this year, but I'm really happy to see them now. Perhaps I'll try planting them again next year after all.


As for the third surprise, the day we arrived home, Miss Amelia Pond laid her first egg! We knew it was hers immediately because of the color, which is somewhere between blue and green, depending on the lighting. And since Amy is our only Easter Egger, we knew it had to be hers.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting Amy to be our first layer. I was almost certain it would be Seven-of-Nine, our Australorp. Seven's comb and wattles have been growing like crazy, and they're bright, bright red. Plus, she's squatting already, so we're pretty sure she'll be laying her first egg within another week or two.


Here's a shot of Amy's egg next to a store bought egg. It's really hard to capture the color on my iphone, but you can tell it has a blue-green tinge compared to the white egg, and it's much smaller.

Egg #2! #backyardchickens

As of now, Amy has given us three eggs. Her first was a bit smaller than the other two, but they've all been sturdy-shelled and uniform in color. We haven't eaten any yet because we're waiting until we have enough to make an omelet, but I'll tell you how they taste as soon I know.


  1. Love the sunflower! We got 4 chickens about the same time you did and our Araucana laid first and is the only one laying so far, although her eggs aren't the blue or green I was thinking we'd get- they are a very light brown.

    1. Ooh, interesting. I didn't know Araucanas could lay brown eggs!

  2. I remember how exciting it is to get those first eggs..congrats!

    Your dads place looks divine, right on the water and in that woodsy setting, it's probably hard for you to leave sometimes, for sure.

    I'm so glad you are happy with the giveaway package and now that we hear the hens are laying, I'm especially pleased that I put in the egg holder too...enjoy! xo

  3. Yay for Miss Amelia! I can't wait for our "blue-eggers" to start in.

  4. It's so sweet that you are saving your little blue eggs for an omelet. xoxoxo