Around the House + Weekend Plans

August 9, 2013


Out of all the annuals I planted this year, the zinnias are the only flowers that are flourishing. I planted them along the path up to the front door, so they greet me each time I walk up to the house. I love their color, and plan to buy more seeds for next spring, but I'll need to find a better location. These puppies grow tall! Maybe along a fence line or something.

Shelled Peas

I was afraid that our warm weather would be too much for our peas, but it seems I've found a decently shady spot for them, so they continue to grow. These are the first I've shelled. Usually they don't last long enough, and I eat them as snap peas, but I'm trying give the pods time to mature now.


My kombucha project (growing a scoby from a bottle of raw store kombucha) is working! I've got a mother developing on the top of my jar, so I'm brewing another batch of tea as I type this to help it grow stronger.


I picked this season's first ripe cherry tomatoes on Wednesday, and cut them both in half to share with Matt. So sweet and juicy! Can't wait for the larger tomatoes to ripen, too.

Carrot-Beet-Turnip Pickles with Ginger & Dills

This weekend I'll be doing lots of pickling of both the vinegar and fermented varieties. These are my fermenting dills and carrot-beet-ginger pickles that I made a few weeks ago, and I can't stop eating them. I'm hoping to share the recipes for these with you soon.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Hurray for more dilly beans!! :)

    I'd love to start drinking kombucha again. Once your mother gets big enough, you think I could take a baby to start my own?

  2. I am so far behind that I think I'm first! I didn't want to admit that I didn't know what kombucha was so I just now went and found out. I think I actually made some years ago as a craze was going around for losing weight on this strange mushroom stuff. The photos I just saw look like it. We didn't use it to get healthy, just lose weight. It is all very interesting for sure and yours looks like it is coming right along.
    Always love seeing what you are putting in your jars! xo

  3. Your tomatoes and peas look beautiful! Also, good to see you pickling again! the look delicious!

  4. Love the zinnias, they are the most gorgeous color! Our tomatoes are ripening too and it's always so satisfying to eat something homegrown. I've never tried kombucha but I've been seeing it quite a lot on blogs and it definitely looks interesting (and a little weird I'll admit).

  5. What a yummy looking jar'o'pickles!