Garden Progress

May 8, 2013

Tom Thumb Peas
Tom Thumb Peas
 purple globe radishes

The nearly 90°F temperatures from the weekend have caused my vegetables to explode. I almost wish I had planted tomatoes back when I was sticking my radish and turnip seeds into the ground. Oh well. Our Willamette Valley weather can be hard to predict sometimes.

At first, it seemed like my Dwarf Gray peas were going to start producing long before my Tom Thumbs, but when I went out to water my plants sometime last week, I noticed that my peas had been tampered with. Perhaps it was a neighborhood cat, or a negligent mailman. Either way, the damage seemed to stall my peas long enough for my Tom Thumbs, which were unharmed, to pull ahead. My Dwarf Gray peas have only sprouted their first tiny purple flower yesterday, so hopefully we'll see pods growing in their place in the next week or two.

Meanwhile, I'm making lots of radish fridge pickles, radish green pesto, and eating tons and tons of salad. Good times.


  1. The color of your radishes are so pretty! Isn't it nice to be able to have produce from you garden this early. Those radish fridge pickles sound good, perhaps you might share the recipe sometime. xo

    1. Definitely. I'm actually planning to share the recipe as a guest post for another blog, so I'll be sure to post the link once it's gone live.