Garden Progress

April 4, 2013

Pea Progress

Because it was warm and sunny over the weekend, our garden veggies have suddenly popped out of the ground. And the peas above, especially our Gray Dwarf peas, are reaching for the sky. I can't wait for all the garden fresh salads that are coming my way. The sooner, the better.

Carrots and Radishes
Carrots and Radishes

Carrots, Radishes, and Turnips
Turnips and Radishes

Salad Greens
Salad Greens - Mixed Lettuces, Spinach, Arugula, and Endive

I planted these seeds around March 16th (I think), so that makes them about three weeks along now. The only seeds that haven't sprouted are the carrots, which is to be expected, and a row of spinach seeds from a 4 year-old packet I found in my stash. I thought I'd stick them in the ground just to see if they were still any good, but it looks like they aren't. Bummer. That's okay though. I've still got two other varieties of spinach that are doing really well.

The forecast around here says rain, rain, rain for the next week, which is a little hard to take after the warm sunshine we had all weekend, but I'm entertained indoors by my new chicken friends. Actually, today Matt and I are going to the feed store to pick up one more girl for our flock. I think we're set on bringing home a Welsummer because they're beautiful, and they lay dark brown eggs with speckles. Also, we're slightly suspicious that Starbuck-buck-buck is a male, and we don't want to end up with just two chickens. Two seems like a lonely chicken number.


  1. That sunny warm weather sure did the trick on your garden. With all of the rain on the way there is no fear of things drying out.

    We have had chickens turn in to roosters before. I think our first hint was that they wanted to get up on things, even when real little.

    Love hearing about all of the goings on at your Wooden Nest. xo

  2. I love baby seedlings coming up--so encouraging! We got a Welsummer last year, and her eggs *are* gorgeous!

  3. I see lots of green! We have just planted root veg - we don't get enough sun to grow greens!

  4. Love all the green that is going on in your garden! I planted (new) spinach seeds one year and they never sprouted, so maybe spinach is just picky. The rain will do your plants good.