Wall Art

March 27, 2013

For pressed ferns. #ferns

I really love the walls in our home. They're super tall, which makes the rooms bright and airy, and allows us to experiment with paint colors (like gray and black) that would otherwise induce claustrophobia. My only issue is in trying to find suitable wall art. It's something I'm not very good at, especially in terms of choosing the correct placement and size, but I've decided to get over it because our walls are far too bare.


Thing is, I don't want to spend a bunch of money on art, so I've been on the lookout for doable DIY projects. Luckily I ran into this tutorial from Design*Sponge for botanical specimens, and thought it'd be really fun to try it out on the ferns we have growing around the house. So, last month I went and gathered several ferns from the yard and pressed them in paper towels between the pages of my high school yearbooks. This Monday, I checked in on them and they were ready for framing.

Pressed Ferns

I used a little rubber cement to adhere them to cardstock, and popped them in some frames I bought for a couple dollars from the thrift store. I'm really happy with them, and plan to find some more plants in the yard to press and frame for our walls this week.


  1. Very nice!!! I'm thinking that those would have a large price tag if you were to purchase them..I did a quick search and here is just one example

    I'd love to see them once you have them up.

    Happy Easter to you and Matt. xo

    1. Wow, $180 bucks?! I think I spent less than $10 for everything total. That's pretty crazy.

      I hope you and yours have a happy Easter, too, and a relaxing weekend.

  2. Wow! Looks pretty nice! :) Thanks for sharing this idea. You are very artistic! - www.wallums.com

  3. What a great idea! Bringing the outdoors in.

  4. These are so pretty. I miss having these plants, we have it back home in Finland but here in southern France all the plants are different. This also reminds me of my childhood, we made this kind of pieces of art in school.

  5. Wow, they look amazing! Might have to steal that idea from you for our bathroom :))

  6. it's really an attractive and easy wall art making idea, i want to do that, many thanks for sharing it.