This Week, I...

March 15, 2013

"leftovers" mitts

Finished knitting another pair of mitts with the leftovers from my last project. Thus, I have named them "leftovers" mitts. I like them a whole lot.


Ate this, or something similar, every day for lunch. I thought I'd show you in case you were wondering if we ever actually eat all those pickles we make every summer. We do! It's an addiction, really.

Black chalkboard paint.

And painted an accent wall in the office black. It's awesome! The idea came to me in those few moments just before falling asleep when my mind seems to be at its most creative and skilled at problem-solving. We'll be layering on the last coat in just a few minutes, and then I can put my office back together again. Very exciting.

P.S. I noticed recently that Google Reader is shutting down in a few months. This makes me so sad! Does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement reader? I've noticed several people following me on Bloglovin lately, so I thought I might check that one out in more detail. Thoughts?


  1. I REALLY like the leftover mitts. They're somehow so matched.

    And the last picture is great too! He looks very stern.

  2. Your leftover mitts are great, love the colors.

    I'm guessing that those pickles are sweet and hot..maybe I think that because those are some of my favorites!

    How fun to have an entire wall of black chalkboard.

    If you come over to my blog you will see the link for a blog where Sandra has done all of the leg work and checked out a choice of seems very helpful.

    Wishing you and Matt a most enjoyable weekend! xo

    1. Those are our bread and butter pickles! I think they're my favorite. :)

  3. Gorgeous mitts! I like the black wall too :)

    I'm considering using Feedly. It's basic make-up is very similar to Reader apparently

  4. Love the mitts! I've switched from Google Reader to Feedly and it's okay...they imported all my data and even folders. Still miss Google Reader :/

  5. Pretty mitts! I'm in the middle of making a striped hat out of leftover amazing yarn and a plain gray that looks like it could be a matched set with these :) I'm also a sad Google Reader user, but am trying out Feedly and Bloglovin. So far they're okay, I guess...

  6. Lovely mitts! I've been using Feedly, and it's okay. I'm still not quite used to it, but it was an easy transition from Google Reader, so that was nice.

  7. Thanks for your suggestions everyone! I'm trying Bloglovin right now, but if it doesn't work for me, I'll definitely try Feedly.