February 18, 2013

Finished cowl.

Remember my textured shawl? The one I was thinking about unraveling because I knew I'd never wear it? Well, I finally went through with it, and from the liberated yarn was born two projects that I'm incredibly happy with.

For my first project, I paired the yarn (KP gloss dk) with some old mohair stuff in my stash, and made a really simple, sturdy, loose cowl. Luckily, the unraveled yarn is a wool-silk blend that helps counteract the itchiness from the mohair, so it's really comfortable and warm. I wear it constantly.

Hinagiku Hat

My second project is a Hinagiku Hat, which is something I've had in my queue for a long, long time. I had two balls left of the gloss dk after finishing my cowl, so I had just enough leftover for this pattern. And if there's one thing I learned from my frogged shawl, the gloss shows off textured stitches really well, which is perfect for the daisy stitch featured in this hat.

Daisy stitch, by the way, is not fun. My hands were super sore after I was done, but it's one of those situations where the finished product is worth the effort. This is now my new favorite hat, and it's going to be perfect for spring, too, because it's lighter than some of my other hats made with bulky or super bulky yarn.

So here's the thing: unraveling yarn from my textured shawl, and turning it into two completely different projects that get constant use, makes me want to do the same for some of my other unloved projects. For instance, my Claudia scarf is really beautiful while hanging on a coat rack or a hook, but I never wear the thing. It's slightly too short for my tastes, and the center of the scarf, where you have to change directions so the ends match, looks really sloppy to me. So, my Claudia scarf is next on the chopping block. Perhaps I can repurpose the yarn for some nice, comfy socks.


  1. Last year I started to do the same with some of my never-worn projects. It's freeing! These are gorgeous!

  2. That cowl is just beautiful!! It was a great idea to unravel the shawl, if you never wear it anyway what's the point in keeping it. And instead it turned into something so awesome! I like the hat too, but the cowl is just wow :)

  3. I favor the cowl, too. I seriously wear it everywhere. Might have to knit a couple more now, and put them all on rotation until the weather starts to warm up.

  4. That yarn is such a pretty color! It looks amazing on that cowl.