On Instagram

January 24, 2013

Homemade Marshmallows blends in with the floor
Second sock syndrome. #dsknits Done blooming for the winter.

I held off on buying a smartphone for the longest time, but Matt and I finally broke down this week and treated ourselves to a couple refurbished iPhone 4s's. If I'm being honest, it was Instagram that won me over. At first I thought it was just a fad that would eventually pass, but it really is pretty cool. You can find me there under awoodennest.


  1. Instagram was.on reason why I wanted smartphone, but I refuged to get Apple phone so I bought a Samsung and needed to wait a long time until Instagram was made for us too :) And I love it!

    I followed you on there, with name Siniann. I've been following your blog too for a while already :)

  2. I have a smart phone that doesn't (yet?) support Instagram. I'm itching to join, if only to post photos of my uber-cute bunnies. :) When I am able, I will join and follow you. ;)

  3. Oh no, I feel I really am the last person in the world not to own a smartphone! I swore I wouldn't spend money on it, but I confess I won't be sad to get my dad's hand-me-down iPhone whenever he buys himself a new one ;)
    Lovely photos!!