Making Progress

September 20, 2012

Dining Room

I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything about our home, so I wanted to give you a progress report. Matt and I, after weeks of staring at unfinished clutter in the dining room, were finally able to wrap things up this week. The floors are done, the walls are painted, and the curtains are up. And now it's probably my favorite room in the house. I even brought my laptop out from storage so I could get some work done at the table yesterday. The big space, and light, airy feel are a sharp contrast from my office upstairs, which is currently bogged down with boxes, and I have no plans to unpack them anytime soon.

Dining Room

The dark paint you see here is gray chalkboard paint. I had a hard time choosing between the gray and black tints, especially because I was afraid the gray might have too much green in it, but I really love how it looks, especially against our houseplants. For those of you who are wondering, I didn't choose chalkboard paint because I wanted to write on it. I just really like the slate effect, and I thought this particular room was bright enough to handle it. I also chose to paint it dark because it separates this room from the tan walls in the adjacent living room.

Matt and I will eventually replace my little old table (sniff, sniff) with something larger. I'm thinking a big reclaimed wood table with a bench on one side, and mismatched chairs painted in bold, crazy colors like turquoise, mustard yellow, brick red, and blue on the other.

Those of you who are familiar with Ikea will note the two Lack tables by the window. Those will eventually be replaced with a console table or an old piano, and that window will be completely surrounded with houseplants. I want lots and lots of plants inside. I'm sure the kitties are excited about that.

Wren Wren

I can't help but sneak in a few photos of Wren. She's so fun, and so photogenic! She has that over Berger, who is beautiful up close, but doesn't generally photograph very well. Not for me anyway.

Living Room

And last but not least, the new coffee table I've been talking about. We spotted this thing last week on the sales floor with a huge discount tag stuck on top of it. Being thrifty folks, we called the manager over and had him explain what was wrong with it. Can you see the problem?

Neither can we. 

And of course, on top of the coffee table is that rag rug I've been working on. I've just ripped it out for the third time last night because I keep changing my mind about its dimensions. Luckily crochet goes fairly quickly, so I can handle redoing it until it's perfect. Still, I'm hoping that the next time I write about it, I'll have photos of a completed rug, fringe and all, under the coffee table instead of on top of it.

Side note:
It's been two months now, and aside from the week and a half we were out of town, we've been working on this place nonstop. I've had to learn to be patient with this process, and to take it day-by-day, because each project has its setbacks, and inevitably turns into something bigger than we thought. But I can safely say that working on this house has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever experienced. Especially as the house becomes more and more familiar to us as we make each room completely our own.


  1. It's looking really beautiful! Thanks for sharing the photos (and of that cute wren!)
    I remember well the non-stop work on our house way back when. Everything takes longer, is more work (and more money) than you initially think. It is so worth it though. Especially if you have a good team working together!

    Happy Home!

  2. How do you make your house look like a catalog? My office could use some work- it looks like an episode of hoarders.

    Everything look beautiful. You should give yourself a pat on the back for getting so much done, it commendable. (and did I mention, beautiful?) We've lived in ours for years and have made less progress than that- I keep getting hung up on the decisions...

  3. Love, love the color on the walls...I think they really bring out the rich tones in the floor. Your plans for the rest of the room sound great, it is so much fun to decorated your own home.

    Wren is very photogenic, how sweet is that second pic of her cocking her head that way.

    That coffee table makes that room at it will really look good on your rug.

    Once again, I am so happy for you and Matt in your new home...Can't wait to see what you do for your first Christmas! xo

  4. Looks beautiful so far! This post made me laugh because, when we first moved into our house, we often joked that every project takes twice as much money and four times as much time as you think it will starting out!

  5. Thanks y'all. :)

    Alison - Yeah, making the decision is definitely the hardest part for me too. I feel like I've been planning everything for a really long time though (thanks to Pinterest), so we were able to jump that hurdle with minimal difficulty. I think the floors were the biggest decision because there's no way we're ever redoing them again. Everything else is a little less permanent.

    Meryl - So, so true. Looking back, I have to laugh at myself for thinking we could get all of this done in just a week.

  6. Very nice! You have great taste. Can you come fix my home? LOL.

  7. It's looking really good! I love that dark wall, and your eye for contrast in texture and colour is spoton!

  8. Your home is beautiful! Love that coffee table and I agree with the other commenters, it looks like right out of a catalogue! And I remember well how long it takes to renovate and settle...we moved a year ago and our home is still a work in progress :)