Knitted Things

June 6, 2012

Folded Poncho

I finally finished my Folded Poncho this week. It took almost two months to knit because I lost motivation halfway through, but my mojo came back eventually. I like it well enough, but next time I make this I'll stick to the recommended length, OR add a few inches to the width. I will also buy some blocking wires so the edges don't scallop as they dry.

Dish Towel Dish Towel
Dish Towel

While my poncho was blocking, I found some old dish cotton and acrylic from a previous project to play with. I have only managed to knit one dish towel so far, but I plan on making a couple more with the same colors in the next few days.

I also want to try making either this crocheted rag rug, or this knitted odds and ends rug. Or both! I think either would look great on the floors in our first home.


  1. I love that dish towel. I didn't know there was special yarn for dish much to learn. - I took a look at the rug and love how she is using old sheets. I always pick up ones that catch my eye but are not always usable for bedding once I get home and discover stains, holes, etc...This would be such a nice way to still enjoy them around the house.

    I think of you every time I am at the magazine rack and see the knitting magazines...You'll have me with needles in hand sooner or later!

  2. Love those dish towels! Can just imagine them feathering your new nest. And the poncho will be lovely next fall!

  3. those dish towels are fabulous! so cute! thanks for sharing! you're really a talented knitter:)

  4. The poncho is beautiful, I'm sure you'll come to love the wavy edges!

    I like the stripes on the dishtowel - it look exactly like the ones my Grannie used to make!

  5. Can you share the pattern for the dish towel above please?

  6. Sorry Kelly, but I made the dish towels without a pattern. It's just garter stitch for as wide and long as I wanted, and stripes in a different color toward the end.