Weekend Knitting

June 15, 2012

Mara Mara

I've been knitting this shawl furiously for the past few days, trying to finish before the weekend. I literally knit until my fingers are swollen and raw, my muscles ache, and my brain is no longer sending the proper messages to my hands. It sounds awful, I know, but I'm really enjoying myself.

Once I've finished this shawl, I have yarn arriving for two more shawls: color affection and the mojave shawl. I'm hoping to crank these out before we close on our house and start the big move. They'll give me something to focus my nervous energy on while I'm not packing or cleaning the apartment. Luckily Matt is on vacation next week, so we're hoping to get a little hiking in, and a trip to the rhododendron garden.

Until next week!


  1. Hooray, you got your house! I am so happy for the both of you, it will be so fun to hear all about your different projects.

    Your knitting is beautiful, I need to go back and see the links that you have for the next pieces you will be doing...I got all excited about the house and had to say something right then.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  2. Can't wait to see it finished! (And I've found that Arnica cream is nice for knitting aches and pains.)

  3. yay for closing! that shawl looks gorgeous! wow!

  4. You're so fast! I wish I could knit the well that quickly.

  5. Oh Hurrah, you've got the house! Fantastic and congratulations! I wonder what part of town you will be in.
    That shawl looks amazing! It is quite something when you get so full on into what you are making!

    Have a great weekend and happy packing!

  6. You finally get to move, how exciting!

    The shawl is beautiful!

  7. Looking good. You are making me wish I knew how to knit!