In the Garden

May 16, 2012


Oregano and Rosemary



The weather has been warm and sunny all week, and our herbs are shooting up fast, so we're trying to incorporate them into our meals as much as possible. I'm especially excited about the cilantro. It's one of my favorites herbs, so it's nice to have a growing supply just out the back door.

News on the house: our offer was accepted! We're going through the inspection period right now, and we've found some major issues with the foundation, but the seller has agreed to make the necessary repairs. Please wish us luck! We really love this home, and we're hoping everything works out.


  1. That is such good news, I'm am so happy for you that it went well the house you wanted. It seems there is always something found during inspection but it usually works out in the end. What a very special time for you and your Matt. xo

    Sad news about our mutual blogger friend...Lola Nova has been hacked and is not blog, no email, nothing..all gone. Email me if you want and I will fill you in. xo

  2. I love what you got goin' on.
    Are you using cinderblocks for planters? How awesome is that?

  3. Haha, yeah. This is our third year using cinder blocks for herbs. They work surprisingly well!

  4. Those are some delicious looking herbs! Luck on the house!

  5. This makes me miss my garden very much. You are quite self-sufficient in herbs!

    I love the wee ladybug in the first picture.