Over the Weekend

April 11, 2012

Easter Flowers

This last weekend felt like the first real weekend we've had in months. Life has been pretty hectic lately, so it was nice to slow down and relax for a couple of days. Even nicer was the weather! It was sunny and beautiful, and very much appreciated. We spent as much time outside as possible.


On Saturday, we pulled out our little charcoal grill and had our first barbecue of the year. I looked through the archives, and our first barbecue of last year was in April, too. I think this is normally when Matt and I start cleaning off the back deck in preparation for our container garden, but this year we're planning on doing things a little differently. We might grow some herbs and other small plants, but we're really not sure how much longer we'll be staying in this apartment. It's a little sad, but I'm excited for the possibility of moving into our own home in the near future.

Strawberry Shortcakes

On Sunday, Matt and I took a long walk out to the Clackamas river and through our local neighborhoods. There were tons of families outside enjoying the weather, and kids running around looking for their hidden Easter eggs. So, after seeing all of the Easter festivities around us, we decided to treat ourselves to homemade strawberry shortcakes for dinner (yes, dinner). It was well into the evening by the time they were ready to eat, but they were so worth the wait.

Next Project

After "dinner," we sat down to watch Doc Martin while I cast on the stitches for my newest project, a Folded Poncho. I can tell it's going to take me awhile to finish this thing, but hey... it'll be there for me next winter.


  1. We indulged in strawberry-blackberry shortcake too. Mmmmm. I wish I had thought to make it for dinner! Could have saved money on the ham. :)

  2. Now I'm hungry for shortcake, yum! - That will be so exciting when you get your own place. xo

  3. ohhhh the shortcake! your pictures are wonderful~ you can almost smell the strawberries~



  4. It looks like your weekend was spent surrounded by pretty flowers!