February 29, 2012

Homemade Stationery


After I graduated college, I got rid of all my old journals. It was very liberating, and I don't regret the decision at all, especially after giving them a quick read-through. I cringe at the things I used to write about. I also cringe at how much of a colossal paper waster I used to be. I'd often start writing in one journal, get a few pages in, and then switch to another, leaving the rest of the journal blank.


Because of this, I decided not to destroy the journals themselves - just the used pages. After I was done, I stacked all of my purged journals in a big pile with the idea that I'd use the pages as scrap paper for grocery lists, Pinochle games and the like. But last week, I had a better idea: homemade stationery.


When I was a kid, my friends and I would mail each other letters constantly. I guess it dates me a bit to admit my pre-e-mail days, but I really enjoyed the physical aspects of sending and receiving letters in the mail. Since I've been meaning to get back on the snail-mail bandwagon for the last several months, I decided to pull out my watercolors to paint my old journal pages and transform them into cute stationery for writing letters. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to start mailing them out!


Lola Nova said...

Fantastic idea!

I miss letters, I used to be a huge letter writer. I think I have forgotten how.

Lucent Imagery said...

What a great idea, and a relaxing pursuit for you. I too cringed when I reread my journals before getting rid of them. I use the paper for lists and snail mail etc now. Ah, I remember the days when my school friends and I would write letters at night and give them to each other the next day at school. How we found so much to write about when we saw each other in person five days a week is beyond me! Boys, of course, made for much conversation. Oh funny memories.

Sherri B. said...

I love your water colors and what a lovely way to share them. You will be putting smiles on faces twice...first, when they see a note in the mailbox and second when they see your sweet note paper! Have fun spreading the joy! xo

Courtney Snook said...

Great idea :) I've got a heap of barely used notebooks from uni last year that I don't plan on using anymore, I've had them stacked in a cupboard 'just in case' but now I have a use for them! I love to write letters, and making my own stationary is a lovely way to make them even more personal. Wonderful idea :)

Meryl said...

I should really do that--burn my old journals--I keep them around with the thought that maybe they'll be amusing to me some day, but the teenage angst is painfully embarrassing to read in parts.

Rachel Beyer said...

Love your watercolors! Such a cute idea! Send me one! :)

Lisa-Marie said...

Lindsay, as ever, your ideas produce gorgeous results!

I am in the midst of making envelopes from old wallpaper (I buy the display rolls from shops, you often get really lovely stuff for very little - I have half a roll of Laura Ashley paper I got for 30p for example).


Zoe said...

Your watercolors are beautiful! I adore the craftsmanship you're putting behind getting back to the mailbox :)

Sweet Pea said...

Love them!