More Toast

February 1, 2012

After knitting Matt's Felicity, I decided to go back to a safe, well loved project: Toast (with ribbing). When I like a pattern, I tend to make multiples in various colors so I can mix and match them with my wardrobe. These wrist warmers are nothing complicated - basically a giant tube - but I find myself wearing them daily, so I thought it'd be good to make a few more pairs.

I still plan on making more wrist warmers in the future, but I think it's time for me to teach myself something a little more complicated. Every time I look at the pattern for Hawthorne, I feel completely overwhelmed. There's, like, a chart?! Ugh. But I think it's a beautiful shawl - something I'd actually wear, and I know I can figure it out. I'll probably laugh at myself later for feeling so intimidated. I hope...

Anyway, I'm seriously loving the Portland weather today! It's sunny outside, and the forecast says highs are in the 50's for the next five or six days. Today is our Friday, and it also just happens to be the fluffy feline's 5th birthday, so I think that's plenty excuse to celebrate. Happy 1st of February!


  1. A big Happy Birthday to your Fluffy certainly is a good excuse to celebrate! - I admire you for being brave and learning new things even if it is intimidating, I should plunge in too. I did look at knitting magazines at the store but got scared at the foreign language inside. Have fun with your new project. - Love your waterfall of hearts..Happy 1st of February to you too. xo

  2. Happy birthday, fluffy cat!

    Your arm warmers are lovely - if I could make them (I might try), I would make them in all my favourite colours.

    Lovely hearts :)

  3. You can do it!
    Honestly, I spent ages just knitting mug cosies and plain garter/stocking stitch scarves and then decided to just go for it with a simple lace patterned shawl. I'm so glad I did and once you realise that it's simpler than it looks there's no going back!
    And it's amazing how much fun it is learning new stitches. You feel a great sense of accomplishment.

    I look forward to seeing your completed Hawthorne in the near future ;-)

  4. do you ever make and sell/trade things? Im looking for a good slouchy hat. let me know!!
    your work is always so lovely!

  5. Oooh...Reason #25849659 that I need to learn how to knit!! :) Love these! I do the same thing...I just crocheted a few chunky crocheted cowls in various colors...he he.

  6. Hi Lindsay... Just popping by to tell you that I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award if you would like to pop over to my blog and collect it...and the rules! :)x

  7. This is the first time I have visited your blog after seeing it linked to from express-o. Wow. I love your photos and daily life snippets. We visited your city in 2010. Happy birthday to your cat! I'd like to send some of our summer heat to you if you could send a little coolness our way!

  8. -@M From The Waits: I'm pretty new to this whole knit/crochet thing, so the idea of making something for someone else is still pretty scary. I'll let you know if that ever changes though! And thank you so much. :)

    -Stocki: Thanks for the award! :)

    -Lucent Imagery: That's a trade I'd gladly make. I'm ready for warmer weather and longer days. And thanks for stopping by!

  9. the mittens look lovely!