January 9, 2012

Double Thumbprint Cookies

Despite the oddities in the weather, it still feels like the middle of winter to me, and I'm enjoying it. People sometimes ask me what my favorite season is, but I don't think I can honestly answer that question. Each season has its pros and cons, and winter's post-holiday calm is appealing to me very much right now.

We took the Christmas decorations down on the 26th. I know it's more traditional to leave them up until after the New Year (we accidentally left them up until February once), but we were ready to move forward. I even rearranged the entire house to accommodate Matt's Christmas gift to me.

Rocking Chair

This little rocking chair is one of my favorite things, so I had to give it a corner in our living room all to itself. We moved one of our bookshelves up into the office where we should've moved it long ago, and the dresser that was formerly in the office now resides in our bedroom. The changes makes everything look and feel a lot less crowded, and we now have a quaint reading/knitting nook.


Toasty  Toasty

I've been working on really simple and functional knitting projects lately. This pair of green wrist warmers are my first project done entirely by continental knitting, and I'm afraid it's obvious. My stitches are uneven, and the tension changes throughout, but it's no big deal. They sit under my sleeves, so it's not very obvious, and they serve their purpose. I have a pet peeve against long sleeves that creep up and expose my wrists when it's cold outside, so this takes care of the problem.

If you're interested, the project is based on the pattern Toast by Leslie Friend. There's also a version with thumb holes if you'd prefer fingerless mitts, and both versions are free. I've been adding 4 rows of ribbing on the top and bottom (see the stripy pair) to keep the work from curling, but that's really the only change. It'd be a great project for a beginner.


  1. You are right, every season has its pros and cons. What I love about winter is hot drinks and snow flurries:) That rocking chair is magnificent!

  2. Lindsay, I very much like your winter, your positive view of the sparseness after taking down decorations. The rocker is beautiful, and as a very novice knitter, I am very impressed by your armwarmers!

    We spent the weekend in our Paisley flat, making it 'ours' again after Dave's parent's had been living in it whilst their new house was being readied. Moving around and re-setting up a room/rooms always feels like and accomplishment I think. It's also a good way to make a change without doing anything enormous!

  3. That first picture is absolutely perfect! However the second picture makes me feel a bit depressed - it's ok, everything is beautiful, but a couple of years ago I was persuaded by my family to get rid of a chair which was very similar as we had no room and they didn't like the noise it made on the wooden floor.. I actually sold it at a car boot sale for £5. If I could turn back time... :)x

  4. Nothing better than a good rocker! I've knitted 2 pairs of toast~ don't ya love them!

    Happy New Year~


  5. Oh, Stocki! I'm sorry about your chair. That's so heartbreaking.

  6. Thanks for the Toast link - your images are lovely! It's summer here but it seems that the seasons are moving as quickly as time at the moment so i should probably start knitting soon. Happy rocking!

  7. What a perfect gift from your Matt, and so nice that you could find that special spot for it. - I just now left a comment over at Katieb's as she was sharing about a knit along and I said I needed to learn past the basic stitch..then I came here to your blog and you have something for beginners, how perfect! - I always love to come to your blog...everything about it makes me smile! xo

  8. I'm an all-season lover too...I need a place that gives me a taste of all four.

    The rocking chair looks divine, and the wrist warmers look great to an untrained eye! ;-)

  9. I love these so much. They are number three on my list. I am so impressed and inspired by your lovely knitting projects!

  10. I love your new rocker!! I may have to bring fresh flowers into my house, to chase away the Winter doldrums- or gain new perspective, like you :)