January 30, 2012

This Morning

This is what greeted me from the window yesterday as I was pouring water in the kettle for our morning tea. It was a double rainbow, but the picture only gives you a faint glimpse of the second. Soon after this moment, the sky went completely overcast and it rained for the rest of the day.

Random tidbit: I've noticed something very strange about my cat lately. Whenever there's a lamp on, he'll stick his head right under the cover and sit there, inching closer and closer every minute until he finally knocks it over. I can only guess that he's trying to warm himself, but there has to be a better way.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I'm looking forward to finishing my work, and doing a little knitting/crocheting this week. It feels like forever since I've had a chance to play with yarn. I'm also looking for another book to read, like usual.


  1. Your rainbow is perfect, what a great shot. I can never capture them that well. - Our cat lays on the arms of the couches under our lamps too, he can't get up any closer but would if he could. I heard somewhere that cats absorb the sunshine (problably vit.D) through the very tips of their fur, so maybe that's what's going on. xo

  2. I wonder if your cat likes the game of it;) Too funny!
    That rainbow is incredible!

  3. That is a spectacular rainbow. They are so difficult to capture too.

    You cat is very cute. I too think he might think it's a game!

    This weekend will be hometime and craft and cooking for me too. :)

  4. My cat is a heat seeker too. I finally bought a heating pad that gets warm when she lays on it. She stopped knocking things off the dresser to sit in the window.

    As someone who never comments on here.. I should thank you for your recipes. They are always wonderful.