December 15, 2011

Wood Stove Wood Stove

I love this wood stove, and I love being warm. These photos obviously aren't taken from my apartment with its inefficient baseboard heaters and leaky windows. They're taken from my dad's house, which is where I've been staying during the weekdays, helping my step-mom with errands and such as she recovers from an injury.

Rags Jake the Dog

And while I miss home terribly, these little creatures - Rags the cat and Jake the dog - are good company throughout the day. They're both furry and friendly, and they seem to like me well enough. As it were, I generally like any animal that likes me back. Rags has a particular affection for my little stash of wool, so we get along well due to our common interests.


The observant among you may notice that my festive red and gray scarf seems to have lost length since the last time I shared my progress with you. This is such a simple project that I'm embarrassed to tell you exactly how many times I've frogged it. I'm also a little embarrassed to admit that I refused to be sensible and research the proper way to carry yarn up the sides until after I had already ripped it out for the sixth or seventh time in frustration. I thought I could figure it out on my own, and that I would be able to settle for a conspicuously messy side, but after giving the scarf close, objective inspection, I sighed deeply, and began ripping away once more.

So now that I know the proper technique, I've decided to make this horribly monotonous project a little more interesting by teaching myself to knit continental. I've heard many a great thing about the speed one can attain through continental knitting, and although some argue for the joys of English-style throwing, my project-oriented mind sees great value in getting things done quickly.

My first rows in learning this new technique have been rough to say the least, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Every time I make noticeable improvement, something in my brain dances with joy, which is enough reward to keep me going. And if continental knitting is really as fast as everyone claims, it will be well worth the effort.

As for this poor scarf, my stitches are frustratingly uneven due to my lack of dexterity. So... I may have to frog it again  and restart before the end. We'll see.


  1. Such a comfort..a wood stove to keep warm, a cat and dog to cuddle with and your wool project, it doesn't much better than that. - Good luck learning the continental. - May I ask how your Dad likes his Lopi wood stove? We have a gas Lopi here at the Little House and have been very pleased with the way it heats. In the very near future, we will be starting the preparation for a wood stove install in the Vancouver house. We have yet to settle on the brand and would appreciate any input that he has on the Lopi...and the model too. Thanks! xo

  2. the animals look quite happy. nice & quiet evening. (:

  3. Sherri - My dad and step-mom really love their wood stove, and say they highly recommend it to anyone looking. Theirs is the Endeavor model.

    Beth - Indeed. :)

  4. Oh, but it's looking lovely!! And how cute are your companions?! he he. :) Good luck with it!

  5. What a lovely home your Father has...I would like to put my feet up by that fire right at this moment! I'm so relieved that someone else has similar problems to me with getting knitting right.. usually I just undo it, get out my hooks and crochet it instead! :)x

  6. I am totally loving that color combination! Red and gray aren't colours I'd normally think to play with, but that scarf looks so yummy!

    (Also loving that woodstove!)

  7. If it helps, you've now prompted me to look up the proper way to carry yarn for the sky scarf I'm starting at the first of the year.

  8. LOves stove, lovely animals.

    It is rare on a blog to see someone being honest about having problems with crafting skills. It makes me feel slightly better about the fact that I just threw my sewing on the floor when the thread broke half way through a run of embroidery.

    I hope you manage to finish it and that everything works out - I admire the determination to make it as good as possible. :