November 21, 2011

Reading Mitts

I finished knitting my reading mitts last night, and I'm fairly satisfied with how they turned out. I would use a stretchier bind-off next time, especially for the thumbs, but I'm no longer afraid of making thumb gussets. Hooray!

Chunky Circle Scarf
1x1 Ribbed Scarf

I also made a couple thick scarves to give as birthday gifts over the weekend. The first is a crocheted chunky circle scarf from Lindsi at People Webs. The pattern was really fun to follow, and reminded me why I love crochet so much. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

The second is a simple 1x1 ribbed scarf in thick n' quick. I particularly love the tweedy barley colorway, and might have to make one of these for my husband. So I can steal it. All the time.

If you're in the mood to be amused, check out this video by Tiny Owl Knits. She's so whimsical and cute! I love all of her patterns.


  1. ooh, these look lovely! The recipient of these is a very lucky person -- they'll be warm and cozy!

  2. What thoughtful birthday gifts...they will think of you all of the time while they are toasty warm in nasty weather. You do such nice work! Have a great week! xo

  3. These are all beautiful! Such wonderful, thoughtful gifts.

    Love the chunky circle scarf!!!

  4. What beautiful things you have made! There really is nothing better than a handmade gift, made with love!

    Goodness, those scarves should come in rather handy today!

  5. Oooh - those gloves are gorgeous!! (And so is the scarf!). You have me jonesing to play with some yarn, now!

  6. Lovely mitts and scarves. Slightly intimidated, I'm about to begin some mitts of my own.

  7. Those mitts are so gorgeous!!

  8. These are wonderful! Do you know where I can get the pattern for the reading mitts? Ravelry says Dancing Ewe Yarns is no longer in business.

  9. Donna - It looks like they must've taken the pattern down since I made these. I don't even have the pattern pdf in my library anymore. They're super popular, though, so I hope they get it back up soon. I'm sorry. :(