October 24, 2011


I finally finished my first knitted hat! This pattern is called Autumn by Jane Richmond (she's one of my favorite designers). I've talked about it before here, back in August when I first started teaching myself to knit. It only takes a few hours to make, and it's super cozy. I particularly love slouchy hats like this because they stay on my curly-haired head a lot better than most others.


I plan on making another hat just like it in this tweedy barley color that I picked up over the weekend. I will eventually get around to those other projects on my list, but I have to allow myself a slight deviation from the plan here and there. It's my way of living on the edge.


  1. Love your hat....great job!!

    Perfect color...I laughed because I just finished a slouchy that is a bit LARGE so this pattern would have been handy a couple of days ago.

    Enjoy your week!

  2. I have a Jane Richmond pattern that I need to finish soon! The hat looks great and it's good to go where inspiration takes you. I wish I had more time for knitting!

  3. What a great job on the hat, I can't believe you have learned so fast..looks lovely on you!

  4. yeah for you!!! it looks great on you~ going to check out jane's patterns~
    happy fall~

  5. Looks good! I need more slouch hats... and beanies...and knitted's actually a really long list.

  6. That hat is amazeballs. Great shape and lovely colour! Hurrah! And well done :)

  7. I love that red color- and the hat!