August 29, 2011

Spicy Dill Pickles

This might seem a little strange, but Matt and I are trying to squeeze in as many pickle making days as we can before the wedding. Do we have time for this? Hah. Not really...

The current pickle count:
-12 quarts of garlic dill pickes.
-7 pints of bread and butter pickles.
-60 pints of dilly beans.

We're hoping to double those numbers by the end of the summer, but we'll see what happens. With five days to go before the wedding, we're on a pickle moratorium.

Oh, and by the way? The weather channel says that Saturday is supposed to be 91°F, which is pretty much the hottest day of the week, and one of the hottest days we've had here in the Portland metro area this summer. I had to snicker a little when I saw that.


  1. OH LORD! I can't believe when I'm visiting it will be nearly as hot there as it has been here in FL. I still can't wait though!

    See you soon!

    Don't pickle yourselves to death, haha


  2. Ugh! I know. What was the point of a September wedding? Actually, while you're here, it'll be pretty cool ( in the 70's and lower 80's) EXCEPT for the wedding. Lets hope the weather channel says something different tomorrow...

  3. Wow, I am pickle green with envy!
    You crazy kids! My Mr. and I decided to paint the outside of our house 2 days before our wedding!
    Let's hope the weather keeps in the perfect sunny 70's!

  4. Of course you must pickle everything in sight, to enjoy together when you are Mr. and Mrs. Newlyweds...!!!! I am so excited for you both!

  5. he he - love that!! :) Maybe it's a form of nesting? Anyhoo, they look delish! I want to try making some!

  6. I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I hope your wedding day is a truly joyful one and that you have a wonderful, amazing day! Congratulations!