Wedding Wednesday

July 27, 2011

Map Folded Flowers from Papervine

Eat pie, love and be content. From PippiJewelry

You are the apple of my pie. From PippiJewelry.


  1. That does it. I'm convinced! You are officially having the wedding I would have if I could do it all over again*--pies, baby's's perfect!

    [*I am a proponent of the theory that you should be allowed to have two weddings without getting divorced in between--first, the wedding you think you want, then a second one several years later wherein you make it prettier. I know I could renew my vows, but that just feels cheesy! ;) ]

  2. It's all so pretty! and of course I love the pies!

  3. Hah - Meryl. Maybe we need to institute 'the wedding party' where it's basically just the reception portion done every ten years of marriage or so.

    Lola Nova - I love those pies, too! I need to find me some letter cut-outs.