The Garden

July 8, 2011

Pepper Blossoms

Tomato Blossoms

With all of the pleasant weather we've been having, our tomato and pepper plants are going crazy with blossoms. I know it's early, but I can't help but check for fruit. I'm very much looking forward to tomatoes.


Walnut and Basil Pesto

Matt and I broke down the other day and bought a basil plant from the store. The basil seeds we planted in the spring have sprouted, but they're growing slowly, and we're impatient. I picked some of the leaves today and made a walnut pesto for pizza tomorrow.

It's so nice to have pesto again. I think I ran out of my stock sometime in January.


  1. I had a basil plant that turned into a monster (it made it all the way through the winter indoors and got gigantic!) and recently retired the whole thing into a big batch of pesto. I like to think that's a good way to go for a basil plant.

    I love the little jar you stored yours in--it's adorable.

  2. I agree with Maggie, the jar is very cute! You will be seeing little tomatoes before you know it, how exciting!

    I finally ran out of my big Costco laundry soap, so, last weekend I make your soap 'recipe' and have been loving the great job it does..thanks again for sharing that!