Oven Baked Fries

July 15, 2011

Baked Fries

After my successful attempt with oven-baked onions rings, I decided I wanted to give baked fries a try. I used this super simple recipe for inspiration, and tweaked it by cutting mine a little slimmer and adding a pinch of rosemary. Delicious!

Matt always makes fun of me because I am the kind of person who must dip fries in some sort of condiment. My favorite is ketchup mixed with a grainy mustard, but I'll try all sorts of mixtures. I always snicker a little when he starts dipping his fries into my condiment concoctions. Once he starts, he can't stop.

Speaking of condiments, I made some homemade barbecue sauce for a post I wrote over at My Own Labels. I think I might never buy another barbecue sauce again. Seriously.


  1. Those fries look exactly like ones we used to be able to get at restaurants that served up great burgers, hard to find now, in my opinion! I will most certainly give these a try...Everything I try of yours works out great! Yay!
    Thanks for the other recipes too, hubby is always looking for BBQ recipes. xo

  2. Mmm, yum! They look like my fries!!! Okay, now I'm craving fries. Thanks a lot Linds ;)

  3. Those look absolutely delicious, such a great photo, too! I love baking fries rather than frying them, they always taste so much better and they're not drenched in oil like they are fried :)

  4. Yummy!! :) My fave is baked sweet potato fries - but, really, who am I kidding? Any baked-potato-like-thing is awesome!