Wedding Wednesday

June 15, 2011

I believe Matt and I have  finally settled on our wedding theme as lying somewhere between barn and garden.  Barn because we want our guests to come wearing their best barn attire: overalls, coveralls, flannel, straw hats and flip-flops. I'd add boots to the list, but I think the weather will be a little too warm for that in September. And garden because I'm finding tons of irresistible garden-inspired wedding projects. For example, here are some images of inspiration for wedding favors:

Tree Sapling Favors from Wedding Bee Pro

 Rosemary Favors from Ruffled

 Homemade Jam Favors by TheKnot

 Tulip Tree-to-Be from Project Wedding

Organic Birdseed Favors from Dream Green Weddings


  1. They are all marvelous ideas, my two favorites are the saplings and rosemary. So nice to see Wedding Wednesday again!!

  2. I love these favor ideas, the rosemary is my favorite!

  3. Those are all awesome- I wish you lived closer- I'd make you come over and we could make seeded paper, it's tons of fun.

  4. Me too! I really like homemade paper, and have always wanted to learn how to make it. And with seeds?! That would be so perfect for some of the wedding projects I have in mind.

    Ah well...

  5. Those are cute lovely favors and the them you two settled one is so cute too garden and barn. Lovely combination! God Bless on your married life and have a blast on your wedding day ... :D

  6. Wow, each one more delightful than the next! So lovely! Hope you are having a great week!
    :) Anna