In the Garden

May 23, 2011

Summer is less than one month away. I know this because the first full day of summer is June 21st, the day after my birthday. This is now one of my favorite times of the year (I can't pick just one!) because things are sprouting and growing, and the dirt isn't soppy and wet anymore.

Yesterday was a little rainy, but Matt and I went out to the local farmer's market, and then worked out in the garden all day. After we were done, we lit up the barbecue. I had to bring out my blanket and a hot cup of tea, but it was really nice. Especially after the coals in the grill were red enough to warm my feet.

As for our garden, the lettuce and Thyme seeds that we planted last weekend have sprouted.

Lettuce Seedlings Lettuce Seedlings

Our whole backyard area is really shady, so we have to be strategic with where we place our planters. I'm still not sure we have the right conditions to grow tomatoes and peppers, but we're going to give it another try. Last year was a huge failure, but that was mostly the weather's fault.

This year, we're planning to grow some of our vegetables out at Matt's grandfather's place, which will make things a lot easier for us. They have a beautiful (and huge!) garden, and I'm so glad they're willing to share part of it with us.

Mint Bulgarian Carrot Pepper

We'll probably plant some beans and cucumbers for pickles, and we'll plant most of our tomatoes out there, too. But for our apartment, we decided to try a couple cherry tomato varieties: Yellow Pear and Riesentraube.

Yellow Pear Tomato Plant Riesentraube Tomato Plant

We also transplanted some dill, and planted our chive and chamomile seeds. A lot of these herbs are first-timers for me, so I'm crossing my fingers.


  1. I am sure you will succeed. just put a lot of love in them and everything will be allright! ;o)

  2. I can't wait to see how it goes for you all. I'm still baby-sitting my plants in the house. We haven't had time to make a raised flower bed box thingy. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for good weather this weekend so I can get it done.

  3. You and Matt are an inspiration to many who have limited space for gardening. You have put in quite a few things and they look like they are off to a good start. How fun to be able to share with Matt's Grandpa.

  4. Hooray for planting! We have been at it too and it makes me so happy.
    You shouldn't have any problems with those herbs. I haven't planted chamomile in a couple of years but, I always get a volunteer or two from years past. I'm still planning a tea garden sometime in the future.
    Dill is easy as well, if you plant it in the ground it spreads like crazy so it's best contained. I look forward to hearing more about your gardening adventures!