April 12, 2011


Last week, a friend of mine came home from Florida for few days, so she took me out around town for some thrifting. I'm trying to limit my spending, making sure that every purchase I make can somehow be used for our wedding (and beyond). Money spent is money spent, and it all adds up. I always make exceptions for pretty mugs, cutting boards, and wooden bowls though. I don't think I could forgive myself it I let a good find slip through my fingers.


I've actually done well with my rule, despite the extra thing here and there. I've been looking for second-hand linens in our wedding colors, and it's surprisingly difficult to find them in coral pink and turquoise-y shades, but I managed to return home with a decent-sized bundle last week. I also found a good apple basket, but it needs work.

We have a long list of thrifty finds to spruce up once the sun decides to stick around for awhile. I'll have to post some 'before' pictures before it's too late.

Speaking of 'before' pictures:


Matt and I finally finished this bag of brown basmati rice, and I want to do something special with the sack. I'd love to sew it into a bucket or something, but I'm still just acquainting myself with my sewing machine.

Any ideas?


  1. I love your finds! I've been feeling a little thrift shop withdrawal since my baby was born... I think now she's getting to the point where I could bring her along, though. Can't wait!

  2. Great finds, love the brown mugs and the wooden treasures...I have those rice bags too and can't part with them, I just know they have another life in them.

  3. oooOoo, you are giving me the thrifting itch. Haven't been for a while.

    Your finds are awesome! Love the wood stuff. SO pretty.

  4. Yay thrifting!

    Btw- I still can't believe we haven't done this yet! Soon!