A Little Inspiration

April 4, 2011

I found some old books on tole and folk art at the thrift store the other day. They're mostly about painting, which isn't something I'm all that familiar with, but I think they're inspirational all the same. Here are some of my favorite images:

I also found a slip of tracing paper that the previous owner left behind. I love finding treasures like this. Had to slip it back into the book after taking this photo.

There are a few more pages up on my Flickr if you're interested in seeing more.


In other news, one of my favorite bloggers - Sherri from Little House in Paradise - gave me a Stylish Blogger award last Friday. Thank you, Sherri. :)

After looking up the rules, I found that I need to list seven things that you might not know about me, and then pass the award on. This kinda reminds me of those e-mail surveys my friends and I used to send to each other. I always thought they were fun, and enjoyed reading what my friends had to say. So, instead of me tagging someone specific, just feel free to answer the questions in the comment section, or on your own blog. Here are my seven:

1. I wanted to be a horse trainer until I broke my wrist, got a concussion (or two), and sprained my back. All from riding, grooming, or falling off.
2. I go a little crazy if I'm not getting enough alone time.
3. I have a frustratingly bad memory for facts.
4. I wake up super early - 6 a.m. most mornings.
5. I dislike most store bought breads, so I bake my own.
6. I've never really liked soda, though I'll drink a ginger ale now and then.
7. I'm a total bookworm.

Your turn!


  1. Thanks for sharing your 7. Wow, I can understand the reason for giving up on your horse trainer dreams..Ouch! I am happy that you don't like store bought breads so you make your own and share the recipes with us!

  2. Yeah, I used to be pretty reckless. I'd still love to work with horses, but I'd be a lot more careful now than I was back then. :)