First Barbecue of the Year

April 25, 2011

The weather over the weekend was in the mid-60's and sunny, so Matt and I made every excuse to be outside. On Friday, we took a road trip to my dad's place for some dinner, a game of Pinochle, and a movie. I wish I had brought a camera so I could show you how beautiful the view is from their deck with the river flowing by.

On Saturday, we decided it was time to clean our patio, prep our garden containers, and start up the first barbecue of the year.

Soon after we lit our modest charcoal grill, we noticed barbecue smoke rising all around us from the neighboring lots. I can only conclude that barbecues are contagious, which makes sense considering how good they smell.

I made my favorite homemade burger buns again. They're so simple if you have a bread machine for the kneading, and they taste delicious. I made quite a few, and froze half the batch to have them ready for next time.

Unfortunately, the beautiful weather only stuck around 'til Saturday, and now we're in solid rain again until sometime next week. Ah well, It was really nice while it lasted.


  1. Your photos are always fantastic!


    Also, wish I was there

  2. I love it that you had a barbecue! That will certainly bring Spring on...well, maybe next week.

    I have had problems freezing burger buns, they always come out dry and fall apart, any hints?

  3. Thanks Zoe!

    Sherri - For me, it depends on how long they've been frozen. They're dense enough that they thaw as well as a loaf of bread.

    Maybe you could try taking them out of their package while they're thawing, or toasting them straight from the freezer?

  4. ooh! Looks delicious! Invite me over when you have BBQ #2 :)

  5. Ha, we had the exact same idea--grilled burgers and asparagus. Pretty perfect for Springtime.

  6. I am absolutely drooling. Those burgers look fabulous! And you made the buns- too awesome!