Buying Seeds

April 5, 2011

SSE Catalog

We don't have much planting space at our apartment, but we have a decent sized patio for container gardening, and a little dirt patch where we can plant some herbs. I ordered a few things from the SSE catalog last week, and they just arrived:

German Chamomile
Genovese Basil
Lettuce mix

I'd like to get some mint, and maybe some tomatoes, but those will have to wait until the farmer's markets start carrying seedlings. It'd be nice to grow a couple tomato plants on our own patio, but last summer was so strange - it rained and rained and rained.  Our plants grew big, but we only had a few fruits ripen before the cold set in, and they didn't taste very good. I'm hoping we'll have better luck this upcoming season, and that we might find some friends/family who will lend us a little space.

I was looking through our pantry the other day, and found some Good Mother Stallard beans from the first garden Matt and I ever grew. We only have about a pint left from the harvest, and I know I should cook them up soon, but I'll be so sad when they're gone.


It'll be nice to have a 'real' garden of our own someday.


  1. Years ago I lived in a condo on Hayden Island and grew green beans in 2 pots on the second story deck/patio, they made a beautiful shady vine and produced quite a nice crop too. Maybe you could plant a few of those from your first garden so you can save and always have the same seeds from your first garden with your Matt...How sweet.

  2. My goal is to attempt to plant a garden this year. We finally have space since we're in the house and there is a perfect area on the side of the house in the backyard that I want to use. But, the weather hasn't been kind in allowing time to get out there and make it happen. I can't wait for warmer days.

  3. The Seed Savers catalog is like garden porn--the gorgeous pictures, the exotic sounding heirlooms! I look forward to it's arrival all winter!