Bird Catching

April 11, 2011

Bird Catching

I went through a bird-obsessed phase when I was young. It probably had something to do with my other obsession - flying. I was convinced I could figure out the impossible, and I'd spend hours constructing wings from sticks and ferns.

After begging my parents to buy me a bird, they finally taught me how to make a bird trap out of a box, a stick, a long piece of string, and some bread crumbs. I think they must have known it wouldn't work, and that the birds would only ever get close enough to tease me, but it kept me well occupied. (I'll have to remember this trick when I have kids.)

Finally I said, "Dad, the bird traps aren't working? Will you please buy me a bird?"

And he said, "Well, we can get a bird, or we can get a puppy. It's up to you."

And that was the end of my obsession with birds.


  1. Actually, the bird trap does work, but it takes a lot of patience. I discovered once the bird was caught, that it was difficult to get the bird without setting it free. It really needed a bottom piece to pick up under the box. Fortunately, I had the sense to let the bird go afterward. It was quite exciting to build and experiment with.

  2. I love your illustration. I think its still worth trying to catch birds this way...