Flowers in her hair.

March 22, 2011

Crocheted Flowers

Thanks to a little help from my hook savvy friends, I've almost completely exhausted my yarn stash meant specifically for crocheted flowers. Matt even joined in on the fun. I gave him my tapestry needle, and taught him how to help with the tucking and weaving of the strings. I was quite happy with the arrangement, seeing as how the tucking and weaving of the strings is my least favorite part. In the end, we make quite an efficient team.

I may decide that I need to make more little crocheted flowers, especially now that I've found an alternative function for them when paired with a bobby pin. I confess, I've spent the last two or three days walking around the house with crocheted flowers in my hair. Doing the laundry, cooking dinner, playing Scrabble...

Crocheted flowers.

I need to find a way to attach buttons to hide the pins, I think. :)