Show and Tell Monday

February 28, 2011

It is one of my goals to draw every day. I usually put it off, though. I get frustrated with my inability to translate the images in my mind to paper. Of course, that's exactly why I've made it a goal! I regret not taking art classes when I was young, but it's not too late to teach myself some techniques. :)

For now, I'm just having some fun.

P.S. I like the fat guy. :)


  1. Lindsay, these are wonderful! You need to keep this up!

  2. These are really good Lindsay! I love them all but I think the girl is just sweet...Keep it up!

  3. Oh, such a great goal!! I should do the same, myself - I get so rusty!! And it's definitely never too late to learn - these are lovely!

  4. I like the girl. She almost makes me want you to write a story about her.

  5. ooh! Love these drawings! I've always loved your doodles :)

    We should play another game of pause & draw soon!