Heart Tarts

February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day will be here soon, but I've been messing around with heart-shaped things for weeks - especially heart-shaped foods. It all began after acquiring a package of heart-shaped cookie cutters from a local craft store for a Valentine's Day post I wrote over at MoL.

Heart-shaped cookie cutters.

Once I started playing with them, I couldn't stop. With my inner girlie girl emerging front and center, the heart-shaped foods were on a roll. Or I was on a roll... It's hard to say, really. Inspiration often seems external, crossing our paths when we least expect it, or are unequipped to deal with it. You know, like just before bedtime, or while stuck in traffic.

heart-shaped pizza Heart-shaped brownies.

Anyway, my favorite heart-shaped food experiment thus far has been heart-tarts, an idea Matt and I conjured up a couple weeks ago.

Heart tarts.

I'd give you a recipe, but I think it's probably better just to explain the general process:

1. Make pie dough. Refrigerate it for an hour. Roll it out, and cut out the hearts with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

2. Drop a dollop of jam (we used our homemade strawberry jam, and it was delicious) in the center of one heart cut-out. Gently cover with a second cut-out, pressing down the edges with a fork.

3. Brush the tops of the pastries with an eggwash, sprinkle with raw sugar, and place on a silpat mat-lined cookie sheet.

4. Bake in an oven preheated to 375°F until golden brown, 15-20 minutes.

5. Cool for at least 10 minutes. Eat.


  1. Those tarts are so cute! I love the heart pizza too ♥

  2. I am crazy about the pizza heart I would have never thought about doing this but my kids would love it!

  3. Ha! That's a great idea! But I'll have to find some shapes other than hearts ... I just can't bring myself to be so impossibly ... cute ...

  4. I am so excited to have found your blog! I, too, am part of Katy's show and tell mondays. I am going to make your heart tarts this week (yay!) and LOVE your show and tell. Gourmet kitchen at it's finest.

  5. So I made them, and I wasn't home and didn't have my silpat. They stuck a little bit. Also, I put in cherry preserves mixed with nutella, and a bit more than a dollop, so they leaked a bit. Lastly, I thought I had to vent them, so I sliced the tops. BUT they were amazingly tasty. I am going to try again, so the look a little prettier -- thanks for the great idea. (posting a pic on your facebook page).