Wedding Wednesday

January 26, 2011

When I tell people that I want to make lots of little crocheted flowers for our wedding, they usually give me the ol' smile-and-nod. I'm not sure what they're picturing in their head when I say crocheted flowers, but this is what I think of:

Cute, right? I'm sure I could make hundreds of these with the amount of cream yarn I have stashed away. And I'm hoping to enlist a little help from my hook savvy friends.

{Will trade dinner and wine for crocheted flowers!}

I actually plan on incorporating lots of crocheted things into our wedding. For instance, I finally put Lola Nova's tutorial for Mary Go Rounds to use this week. I love making these. They're so simple, and can be used in lots of different ways.

For now, I'll probably hang them on our walls as picture frames for some of our old classroom doodles. That's the great thing about most of the wedding crafts we find ourselves drawn to... they're all things that we don't mind having around the house. I wouldn't want to spend time making something pretty just to stuff it in a closet until the big day arrives. That would be way too wasteful, I think.

I still have a few more crocheted wedding ideas in mind, but these will keep me busy for now.

Have a happy Wednesday! :)


  1. You did such a nice job with Lola Nova's tutorial and they will be a nice touch for your wedding.

  2. Lindsay these are so sweet!

  3. That's such a cute idea, I love it!h

  4. Those are super cute. You should give them away on the big day, maybe with a little tag, maybe to be used as a pin?

    I heart the colored inside of the flowers up top, and you design is guh-reat.

    It makes me want to get married all over again.

  5. oh, PS, will you link to this over at Adventures in Making?


  6. Sure! I hope you mean the Mary Go Rounds, 'cause I haven't quite figured out the little flowers yet.

  7. Wow, those look amazing! They are fun to make aren't they :)
    I love the wee flowers too! Your wedding is going to be so special and lovely!

  8. Thanks Lola, and thank you SO much for the awesome tutorial. I'm totally addicted.

    Erin - you totally should.