Wedding Wednesday

January 5, 2011

Hello! You may have heard me mention it before, but my fiance and I are getting married in September.


We were officially engaged March 19th, 2010, after Matt asked my father's permission. It was cute, old-fashioned, and maybe a little awkward, but we were all very excited. We wanted to get married that summer, but we were still in the midst of our last term(s) in college, so it made sense for us to push the date back another year.

Although we are both so ready, and, I'll admit, a little impatient, we don't regret our decision to wait. We're running this operation on a tight budget, which means that most of our decorations, centerpieces, food, stationary, etc., will be homemade, handmade, and thrifted. Honestly, a small, intimate wedding with just our closest friends and family is perfect. Shoes: optional.

So now that the holidays are over, I'm going into full-on wedding mode, and I'd really like to share some of the process with you, be it inspiration, findings, or makings. To start, I'll show you our wedding colors:

Both Matt and I are usually drawn to earth-tones, but because we are having an outdoor wedding, we decided to go for colors that would stand out. My vision is mostly creams, with pops of the other three colors.

It looks pretty in my head.

Anyway, I'll be back next Wednesday for more wedding talk. There's so much to share. I'm overwhelmed! I'd love to hear what you think, or any ideas you may have.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I am so ecited for you and Matt! Those colors are perfect for a September is beautiful at that time of the year in the NW.

    I will be looking forward to Wednesdays and your updates.

  2. Thanks, Sherri! Cross your fingers for us that it doesn't rain. :)

  3. Oh my goodness....I am so excited for you. We had a super small (and low budget) wedding and absolutely loved it. Can't wait to see those colors blossom!

  4. Congratulations, how exciting! We were married in September as well. In our backyard with a reception elsewhere. We were on a very tight budget. We picked our own Dahlias at Krugers Farm and put them in mason jars all over the reception hall. We also had wonderful friends and family who made much of the food (I made a ton too).
    I look forward to hearing more about your special day!

  5. this is going to be fun to get in on the behind the scenes planning. These colors you picked are so happy and light perfect choices. Congrats!

  6. When are we gonna get started on your invites? :)

  7. Rachel can attest that I usually hate two of those colors- but the combo is beautiful and so vintage and happy.
    Well done.

  8. Yea, usually I'm not much for the teal/aqua (or whatever you call it), and the salmon-y pink, but there's something about the way they all look together that grabs me. The mustard yellow color was a last minute addition, but I love it. Four colors is kinda much, I know, but if one goes, they all go.

  9. Simply lovely, Lindsay!! It's going to be gorgeous. :) Congratulations to you both!