Show and Tell Monday

January 31, 2011

A friend gave me my first ever bouquet of flowers last week. Aren't they pretty?

A bouquet of flowers...

The receptionist at my dentist's office used to give me a carnation every time I had a visit. And sometimes boys would give me red roses (or friends would give me yellow roses), but never such a huge bouquet!

I only make such a big deal about it because I used to think flowers were impractical. I was very dull. But I have changed my ways. They brighten my mood and make me smile, and I can't wait to grow heirlooms in my garden when we have a house someday.

I hope you enjoy my Show and Tell this Monday as much as I do. If you're interesting in joining in on the fun, send Katy Keuter a comment over on her blog, KT40.

Have a happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Lindsay
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful bouquet today! Your photos are so great! I just want to sit at that table and enjoy the coffee and flowers:)
    p.s. I try to have a bouquet in my house every week even if it is hand picked curb flowers.

  2. Happy Monday to you too, Lindsay. Thanks for brightening my Monday with your pretty bouquet. Do I see some wedding colors in there?

  3. kt - I think I'm going to try to have flowers in my house more often now, too. They definitely lift my spirit.

    Sherri - Yes! There are definitely some wedding colors in the bouquet. It's coincidence, I think, but I noticed it too. :)

  4. oh what a lovely day brightener bouquet, filled with the promise of spring I'd say :)thank you for sharing it with us!