Show and Tell Monday

January 17, 2011

So guess what? Katy Keuter over at kt40 thought up an amazing idea - Show and Tell Mondays - which is reminiscent of that Show and Tell thing we all took part in from our elementary school days. If you're interested in joining the fun, visit Katy's blog to let her know, and she'll add you to the list.

For my first Show and Tell, I'd like to share a few mugs that my fiance and I have picked up on our thrifting adventures over the last month or two. If you don't already know, we have a tiny mug obsession. No big deal. We just can't help ourselves.

So, without further ado...

The two in the last photo are my favorites.

Your turn.


  1. I used to love show and tell day, what a great idea!.. My favorite is your big, sun shiny yellow mug, holding lots of happy morning coffee.

  2. I adore mug collecting! If I could find a damned thrift store around here... you're so lucky! AND have mad thrift-sift skills!!


  3. Lindsay,
    I am a mug addict too! I don't think there is one that is the same in our house:) You guys found some super mugs...mug shop in the future:)
    glad you joined in this week!

  4. Ha! I had never really considered it, but I might be mug-obsessed as well! These are certainly nicer than mine, though ...

  5. Hah. We all have our own unique muggy style. Matt and I used to go for the dainty, cute ones, but we've aimed our focus on larger mugs that can hold more hot. Very crucial with the cold weather. Less trekking up and down the stairs to the kitchen for a refill.

  6. I just broke my favorite mug, my every morning cup of coffee mug. (I also have a favorite tea mug) I was crushed.
    So now, I'm on the search for a perfect new mug. Wish me luck.

    I love your show and tell!

  7. Aw, so sad to see a favorite thing break. I feel ya. Good luck to you on your search!

  8. I love these! The bottom two are so spare and pretty, but I must admit that that butterfly one really catches my eye. I always get stuck in a rut and use the same mug for my tea over and over again...

  9. I seem to have the opposite problem. I might use up to three different mugs in one day. That, or I'll go to the other extreme, and use one mug for an entire week. There's really no set pattern for it. :)