Handmade Christmas inspiration.

December 17, 2010

Most of the Christmas decorations we have around the nest this year are handmade. And while I wish I had the time to invest in more crafty Christmas doings, this next week will be devoted to baking and packaging gifts - no small feat for what we have in mind. However, thanks to some crafty geniuses around the blogosphere, my to-do list for next year's holidays are growing at a rapid pace. I know it sounds absurd, but I can't wait for Christmas 2011!

Handmade Christmas Ornaments by Alice's Looking Glass

Christmas in a Bottle by City Cradle Design

Gleeful Jam Jars by Dottie Angel

Festive Flower Charms - Emma Lamb

Snowflakes in the Window - Fine Little Day

Handmade Tags and Ornaments - Maya*made


  1. I am also taking notes for next Christmas...I didn't plan well at all this year so I am in panic mode right now..sigh!

  2. Yeah, it always seems to creep up a little quicker than we expect, I think.

  3. Lindsay I love all this inspiration!