Another obsession.

November 19, 2010

I never thought I'd be a stamp person. And then I saw these.


And now I'm a stamp person.

It was an impulse purchase made while shopping around for tapes and tags and doily paper. I find myself obsessed with such things more and more each day.

I kept thinking to myself No. Don't buy anything that you didn't originally come here for! You're paying off student loans! And you've been dreaming of that new camera. And your cat just spent three nights at the vet hospital. Blah!

And so on, and so forth.

But then I remembered about how I spontaneously decided to work a little retail on the side for the holidays this year, so I figured Meh.

Those stamps are going to be worth every penny... once I get a stamp pad.

P.S. Yes, I"m tinkering around with how things look around here. It'll probably take awhile before I settle on something I like, so pardon the confusion.


  1. I like how you are tinkering around, it looks great and fun too.

    I hope your kitty is doing better..three nights is a long time.

  2. Thank you!

    Yea, he's fine now. The whole vet thing happened a few weeks back, but it left a big, gaping hole in my pocket.

  3. Those stamps look awesome! Where did you find them?

  4., but it looks like they're discontinued. :(