On a granny square roll.

September 15, 2010

With only a few days left of summer, I have finally decided to check off the remaining 'to-do's' from my summer list. It's not that I'm lazy (there are those who might disagree), but, call me crazy, I could never coax myself to crochet on a 90°F day in the middle of the hottest season of the year.

But now the weather is changing...

Granny squares.

So I finally sat down this weekend, pulled up my sleeves, and found some promising YouTube tutorials regarding granny squares. It took a little digging, but I found one very helpful person in particular who managed to shoot decent quality video while clearly explaining the functions of every stitch. I find it easiest to learn something new if I can figure out the how's and the why's of what I am doing, and considering that my previous crochet experience was limited, clean and concise direction was exactly what I needed.

Still, my first few granny squares were a little off, and they remained as such until I reached my granny square epiphany Monday evening: it is best, when crocheting granny squares (or any other type of crocheted thing I would imagine) if you place your hook in the correct holes.

That is all I have to say on the matter.

After my epiphany, my squares and I became more robust and confident, and soon I was teaching myself to switch colors...

Another 'to-do'

Not always the easiest of feats with my clumsy hands and thrifted yarn, but we're managing just the same. In fact, we're on quite the roll over here. I am thinking that the fluffy feline will have himself a granny square blanket to cuddle with in no time.


  1. YAY! That's awesome. Good work Linds!

  2. Whoo! Granny Squares! We need to have a granny square craft club now :)

    And this time- YOU do the craft demo and I'll cook. Just to mix it up :)

  3. Awesome! I've always wanted to know how to make these and a clear tutorial will be key.

    I'll keep you updated on my granny square progress (if there is any that is)

  4. I can't wait to see fluffykins on a blankey of granny squares!!!

    snap pics at the dear craft club, ladies!! plspls


  5. @Shilo - It's a bit of a learning curve, especially if you're like me and have zero previous experience, but it's so easy. Don't even have to pay much attention, so it's perfect while movie-watching and the like. I hope you try. :)

    Zoe - We only had one CC this summer. Sad, eh? I hope Berg likes his blanket. He can be strangely picky about things.

  6. so cute!
    You should put a link to this over on the adventures in making site...