Little brother has arrived.

September 9, 2010

My little brother

I've been practicing with it, but we've had our hangups. Specifically, the top thread keeps breaking.

I've gone down my little 'troubleshooting' list - yes, the needle is the right size, and yes, I've threaded it properly, and so on and so forth. I think tension is the culprit. Or crappy thread, because once I switched from polyester to cotton, the threadbreaking ceased.

All-in-all, I'm really enjoying myself. I like the little light that switches on when I power it up, and I like the sound of the hum it makes when I press the foot pedal. I don't usually find myself so giddy over new toys, but this has been an exception.

My first project was a pincushion, of course. It came out a little wonky.

A wonky little pincushion.

I forgot to grab some polyfill, so I stuffed it with fabric scraps.

It'll do for now.


  1. SO excited for whats to come!!


  2. So funny- I have the exact same kind of pincushion- even looks the same size. Mine it plain muslin though.

    I like the fabric scraps inside- they work better than fiber fill.

  3. Its so cute! Now we can have sewing craft clubs :)