Container Gardening: Tomatoes

September 8, 2010

Well, it is now September and our barely-ripe tomatoes are few and far between. I pruned the excess leaves, stems and *gulp* flowers last week to encourage the green fruits to redden, but the forecast predicts rainy weather. We'll see how it goes.

Despite this year's poor performance, we'll go ahead and try container gardening again next summer. The rain and mild temperatures have prevented almost everyone around here from having a fruitful tomato season. It's a bummer, really. I was looking forward to canning and freezing them for the winter, and trying all sorts of fun recipes like roasted tomato and garlic soup. Mmm...

Roasted tomatoes and garlic...

I still made the soup, obviously, but it wasn't nearly as rewarding as using up our own harvest. We purchased a couple sacks full of Brandywines and Early Girls from the Milwaukie Farmer's Market this weekend, and made a huge pot of the stuff (with grilled cheese sandwiches) for friends. I forgot how much I love this recipe.

I'd give it a try right away if I were you. Before the tomato season is over and we're stuck with the flavorless canned or supermarket varieties. Go, go, go! :)


  1. Lindsay, my daughter loves the Milwaukie Farmers's Market. She discovered it this spring and already has a favorite organic farmer, I think out of Junction City. I love homemade tomato soup yumm, thanks for the link...Have a great day.

  2. Seems like everyone I know had a low tomato year, so don't count out your container gardening yet. And that soup looks amazing!

  3. Yes, we will try again and hope for the best next summer.

    Definitely try the soup. It has the most amazing flavor... nothing like that Campbells soup stuff, but still amazing to dunk a grilled cheese into. :)